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Eco-friendly, conservative prefabricated home kits.

We believe that by using natural models and resources that are readily available in all locations, an exceptional, comfortable, cost effective and attractive home can be built.  We believe that conserving resources, through passive solar design and effective overall insulation, is essential.  This creates a home that is both more comfortable and less expensive to run.

 Simple Home Kits,
with ecological Quality.
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Our inspiration comes from the natural beauty, ingenuity and  traditions of Kezar Lake - Center Lovell, Maine. 
Kezarhomes USA mid-sixed model
approx. $70,000 Kit
kezarhomes USA Fit 1740 Model
The USA Fit
approx. $65,000 Kit
kezarhomes models derivatives
Kezarhomes Ecofit passive solar home

The Ecofit
approx. $26,000 Kit
Kezarhomes Angelo affordable home kit

The Angelo
approx. $11,500 Kit

                                                                   Step One - Deciding what you need.

Step Two - Choosing the Kit for you.
Step Three - Your new home arrives.  
kezarhomes interior dining room kezarhomes ecofit framing kit  kezarhomes prefab kit delivery


In order to produce an excellent home that you can enjoy all year long, Kezar Homes building materials are selected under strict eco-friendly standards, combined carefully and presented in a simple way, for being closere to living off the grid.

Enjoy these exceptional homes by creating one of your own.

kezarhomes fort taylor passive solar
Fort Taylor
kezarhomes USA Model Dingin Room Area